Hang a ceiling rack

One of the best ways of freeing-up space in a compact kitchen is to hang a multipurpose rack from the ceiling. Once installed, it’s then simply a case of using a bunch of hooks to hang just about anything that would normally take up space. Pots, pans, utensils and so on – all within easy reach but conveniently out of the way.

Reconsider shelf sizes

Take a look in your kitchen cabinets and consider if and to what extent any space is going to waste. If the shelves within your cabinets aren’t positioned efficiently, think about removing them and reinserting them accordingly.

Export items to other rooms

If you’re prone to using your pressure cooker once a month and that enormous crockpot even less frequently, why store them where space is at a premium?  Don’t fall into the trap of acting like there’s some kind of impenetrable force field around your kitchen, preventing you from storing kitchen-based item in non-kitchen areas of your home. Exporting a few items here and there really could make all the difference.

Clear the clutter

Last but not least, it’s worth occasionally going nuclear on your kitchen and having an aggressive clear-out. As a rule of thumb, anything you haven’t used or missed within the past 12 months is something you can live without. The same also applies to those random bits and pieces you completely forgot you owned. The less clutter you have about the place, the easier it becomes to deal with the somewhat limited space you have to play with.

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